Mobile solution 專業查詢,享HK$100折扣優惠

Mobile Solutions

Our range of sleek portable printers, scanners and labeling machines give you the power to print and scan flexibly, wherever you are.

Allows you to carry out your business Anytime Anywhere

In our digitally connected world, being able to efficient print your paperwork anytime anywhere is an asset that could seriously boost your business.

A4 Portable Printing

Print sharp text, crisp graphics and high-quality A4 documents wherever and whenever you need.

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What are the benefits?

  • Anytime, anywhere
  • Tailored labeling solutions
  • Optimize workflow and cut costs

Portable Scanner

Designed for business on the go, helping you maintain productivity even while away from the office.

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Rugged Portable Printing

Print in the great outdoors with these fast, compact and tough printing solutions at your side.

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Portable Labeling

Professionally mark wires and cables, and label outlet covers, faceplates, patch panels, electrical panels and more.

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